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Digital forensics is the field of forensic science which aims to shed light on the truth through collection and examination of digital devices, preserving data which often contain critical evidence. Before, during, or after an event occurs it is important to understand that data to assist with determining the cause and extent of the event is likely stored on relevant digital devices. In some cases, the data will be user generated, such as documents, emails, or texts. In other cases, the data will be system generated, such as logs that record user activity and interaction. The collection, preservation, and analysis of this critical evidence could be crucial to your case. Extraction and analysis of this data requires specialized techniques and adherence to stringent protocols. Our in-house digital forensics professional is skilled at both data extraction and interpretation, helping you understand the evidence and how it impacts your case.

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Mobile Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Damaged Device Forensics

Vehicle System Forensics

Computer Forensics

IOT Forensics

Expert Witness Testimony

Electronic Component Testing

Employment Litigation

Data Exfiltration

Fraud Investigations

Distracted Driving

Corporate Investigations

Civil Litigation

Data Breach Investigations

Criminal Litigation

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