Benton Randle

Forensic Expert
Accident Reconstruction

Benton Randle is an Accident Reconstructionist with Aperture (formerly Scientific Analysis Inc.). For more than 10 years, Benton has worked in the field of accident reconstruction—his responsibilities as a reconstructionist include mapping, re-creating, demonstrating, and testifying.

Prior to his time with Aperture, Benton attended Texas Tech University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. For four years after college, Benton was employed as a civil engineer. His civil engineering work included commercial land development, highway design, and a DART railway project design. From here, he leveraged his engineering knowledge to start a career in accident reconstruction.

Benton has been involved in accident reconstruction work in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. Additionally, Benton has completed specialized study in accident reconstruction at Northwestern University and continues to participate in ongoing Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) courses as a member. Benton holds an American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) membership as well.

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