We use science to shine the light on truth, improving the world one person at a time.

Solutions through science

Aperture is a national portfolio of best-in-class forensic engineering companies providing full-service expert analysis. Aperture's mission is driven by a Partnership Model that provides strength, consistency and scale. The power of our collective is unmatched, and we are a force beyond compare. Powered by our people and our Partners, we amplify our effectiveness and our impact.

The idea behind the creation of Aperture was initially formed in 2018 through a preliminary discussion between Wexco International’s President Brad Avrit and private equity firm Trinity Hunt Partners. They explored the potential of creating a unique forensic engineering services platform company that was fundamentally different than the rest of the industry and that would attract other like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts. Having thoroughly vetted this idea, they came together in July 2019 to form what is now known as Aperture.

At the heart of our strategic thesis are three simple concepts: becoming the industry’s Employer of Choice and Partner of Choice, while creating a unique platform for unlocking potential economies of scale and scope from a larger network of professionals. Using this simple message, Aperture was able to quickly convince such industry leading experts as Steve Irwin (President - Scientific Analysis, Inc., July 2020) and Eugene Vanderpol (President – VA Forensics, December 2020) to join the Aperture team.

Our Operating Philosophy

Our Leadership