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Biomechanics utilizes Newtonian Principles to examine the forces acting on the human body, and to evaluate either an injury or the potential of an injury occurring in a given event. The integration of biological structure properties, mechanical analysis, and human movement provides insight as to how an injury occurs based on known human tolerances and injury assessment reference values. In other words, the mechanical properties of human tissue and the musculoskeletal system are incorporated to quantify failure levels and mechanisms of injury.

Forensic Biomechanics characterizes the response of the human body to external forces, specifically the kinetics, kinematics, and injury mechanisms involved. For motor vehicle crashes, external forces, occupant dynamics, and restraint system usage are considered when determining injury thresholds and mechanisms. However, biomechanical analysis of all types of accidents can be evaluated and accurately simulated utilizing advanced occupant simulators such as MADYMO. Occupant simulators allow for exact environment modeling with all human body and anthropometric test device (ATD) models to ensure biofidelic accuracy. The output of the occupant simulator provides all necessary kinetic data to properly assess human tolerances and mechanisms for structural compromise. The MADYMO occupant simulator has been tested and validated in addition to being utilized by motor vehicle manufacturers for decades when evaluating vehicle and restraint system designs.

  • Occupant kinematics, applied forces, and injury mechanisms in low-speed; rear-end, lateral, sideswipe, and frontal motor vehicle accidents
  • Occupant kinematics, applied forces, and injury mechanisms in high-speed motor vehicle accidents
  • Motor vehicle rollover ejection analysis
  • Human ambulation analysis
  • Slip, trip, and fall analysis
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) analysis
  • Spinal Trauma analysis
  • Thoracic Trauma Injury analysis
  • Upper and Lower extremity injury analysis
  • All types of human motion and impact dynamics (e.g., falls, zip lines)
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