Accident Reconstruction

Founded on Physical Evidence.

Accident reconstruction analysis is the scientific method of determining kinematics and kinetics of vehicles, pedestrians, heavy trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. It provides the best explanation for how an automobile accident occurred, founded on physical evidence. Aperture as a group has reconstructed thousands of vehicular accidents, including developing computer-simulated animations of accidents as demonstrative evidence. As a result of our individual and group education, background, training and experiences, our ability to conduct accident reconstruction investigations and analysis relating to a wide array of subject areas.

Our thorough methodology can assist in determining causation, liability, sequence of events, speed, angle of impact, time and distance, visibility, and collision severity. We gather and utilize a wide array of information such as roadway evidence obtained from accident location inspections, vehicle damage, passenger vehicle CDR data, and heavy vehicle EDR data gathered during vehicle inspections. We will develop or deploy, photographs, 3D laser scanning, aerial drones, traditional forensic mapping equipment, lightbulb analysis, and signal light timing analysis, and we will gather video ranging from security systems or in-vehicle camera installations. When it’s called for, we know when to stop. Our methodology means your evidence will be available when you need it. With our size, we have the latest data preservation technology, and a long view aimed at understanding the meaning of that data at each case milestone. That means when you have a case where immediate data collection and preservation is paramount, Aperture is poised to assist immediately after an incident, and strong enough to be there later, when an Accident Reconstruction analysis is required.

  • Rapid response
  • Passenger cars, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, commercial vehicles, cranes, fires, construction and warehouse equipment
  • Scene evidence data collection
  • 3D scanning – scenes
  • 3D scanning - vehicles
  • Aerial drone deployment
  • High-definition laser surveys
  • Electronic (CDR) data collection from passenger cars
  • EDR data collection from commercial vehicles, ECMs, Control Modules, Radar Units, Crash Avoidance technology devices
  • Security video collection
  • In car camera data collection
  • Computer aided drafting map creation
  • 2D analysis
  • 3D analysis
  • Sequence calculations
  • Impact severity and force calculations
  • Visibility testing and demonstration
  • Lighting analysis
  • Human factors including perception-reaction time analysis
  • Signs and warnings
  • Roadway design
  • Vehicle codes and roadway regulations
  • Construction area traffic controls
  • Roadway maintenance
  • Computer simulations
  • Computer animations
  • Video and security video analysis
  • Instrumented crash tests
  • Client consultation
  • Report writing
  • Expert testimony
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