Shanon Burgess

Forensic Expert - Digital

Shanon Burgess is a Digital Forensic Expert and Accident Reconstructionist for Aperture (formerly CAC Forensics). For over eight years, Shanon has investigated cases involving accident reconstruction, distracted driving, damaged digital devices, insurance fraud, employee misconduct, data exfiltration, IP theft, and other issues involving digital devices. He frequently speaks at industry events, maintains bylines in industry publications, and enjoys sharing insightful content relating to digital forensics and cybersecurity.

Before entering the forensic science field, Shanon spent time in the automotive manufacturing industry, gaining in-depth knowledge of industrial control systems and manufacturing processes. In 2008, while attending college, Shanon was employed at the University of Alabama-Huntsville’s Systems Management and Production Center (SMAP) working on various engineering projects and testing small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) for aerial mapping purposes.

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