Richard Gorb

Forensic Engineer

Richard Gorb is a Forensic Engineer with Aperture (formerly WEXCO). Richard has been with Aperture since 2020 and during that time has analyzed many cases involving product defects, safety engineering, premises liability, and building code compliance issues. Prior to Aperture, Richard worked as a mechanical engineer for the United States Navy at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard where he was responsible for reviewing and coordinating various ship systems and structural repairs.

In 2016, Richard earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Loyola Marymount University with a minor in applied mathematics. He is currently an Engineer in Training licensed by California and is pursuing his license as a Professional Engineer. On top of being a certified XL Tribometrist, Richard is proficient with event data recorder (EDR) download and analysis. Currently, Richard is focusing on expanding his expertise into the traffic accident reconstruction aspects of the forensic engineering industry.

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