Daniel P. Voss

Executive Vice President - Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction

Dan Voss is the Executive Vice President - Biomechanics and Accident Reconstruction Principal at Aperture (formerly Biomechanical Research and Testing). Dan has been employed in the field of accident reconstruction and biomechanics for over 15 years specializing in vehicular reconstruction, biomechanical analysis of injury, trauma causation and prevention, and amusement park occupant dynamics.
Dan holds a Master of Science in Engineering with a focus in biomechanics and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with a pre-med focus. His thesis work involved the design, modeling, and testing of automotive seat backs for the mitigation of occupant kinematics in rear-end collisions. Dan is accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionists (ACTAR).

Dan has peer-reviewed publications on topics including accident reconstruction, occupant response to vehicular impact, anthropometric dummy performance during impact, human subject kinematics, and human subject response to impact. He has also conducted hundreds of tests including vehicle impact tests, anthropometric dummy tests, and human subject tests. Notably, Dan’s testing has been utilized by numerous television programs including those on National Geographic, The History Channel, Discovery, and Spike. He is a member of the ASTM Committee F-24 on Amusement Rides and Devices and his research includes consultation with amusement parks regarding evaluation of attractions for injury potential and anthropometric suitability.

Dan is a certified Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technician Course Instructor and Analyst. His forensic work involves performing accident reconstruction and the biomechanical analysis of automotive incidents, pedestrian accidents, sports accidents, industrial incidents, recreational (cycle, golf cart, off road) vehicle incidents, and amusement park attractions.

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