Chris Staley

Forensic Expert - Accident Reconstruction

Chris Staley is an accredited Accident Reconstructionist with Aperture (formerly CAC Forensics). Chris is experienced in investigating, reconstructing, and analyzing motor vehicle traffic accidents. He has been an accredited accident reconstructionist since 2020.

Prior to beginning his career in accident reconstruction, Chris was a high school mathematics teacher. During his 10-year teaching career, he taught classes in algebra, geometry, and calculus. In 2017, seeking a change, Chris left the education field and began his career in accident reconstruction with Aperture.

Chris has completed specialized study in accident reconstruction at the Center for Public Safety at Northwestern University and holds a certification as an Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR). He has completed courses in accessing and interpreting heavy vehicle event data recorders, as well as courses in investigating commercial motor vehicle collisions. Additionally, Chris is a licensed small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) pilot and is a trained Pix4D user. Chris has used his training in this software to process hundreds of aerial surveys, creating 3D scaled crash scene diagrams for use in crash analysis work.

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